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In early 2015 President Stuart Bowe challenged BHTA's Executive Committee Members to create an event that will showcase authentically Bahamian artisans and bring awareness to our cultural heritage. Out of that meeting came the 'Tru Tru Bahamian' brand.

On November 5, 2015, The Bahamas Hotel and Tourism Association and its partners hosted the first annual event which brought together, in one epic festival; a veritable treasure trove of Bahamian experiences. The event showcased Bahamian Culture; history, art, cuisine, heritage sites, national parks, indigenous flora and fauna. We told our amazing story through performers, artisans, culinarians, singers, straw weavers, and craftsmen from all over The Bahamas. 

The movement will continue to grow with more exciting initiatives that will highlight the authentically 'Made in The Bahamas' brand.



$7.00 adults | $5.00 children

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